Denis Baldwin (denisbaldwin) wrote in loftliving,
Denis Baldwin

Room open in downtown loft, August 1st

We are in search of the perfect roommate for our downtown loft in the Boydell Building (above Nikis Pizza, The Bouzouki and Locos, across from Greektown Casino, at Lafayette and Beaubien). By "perfect", we mean that we are highly selective and would like to give the right someone the chance to enjoy loft living in the growing Greektown area!

You are:

- Professional
- Respectful, Open Minded
- Able to pay $300/mo
- Open to a slightly left of center lifestyle

We are:

- Similarly minded
- A bit maniacal at times, but respectful of other's property
- An artist type CCS student who runs a local music label
- A techie/tattooed weirdo with delusions of gradeur
- Working class stiffs that pull 8 to 5s and often work on other projects out of the loft, so you won't have to deal with us all the time.


- $300 covers your rent, cable internet, cable TV, electricity and heat
- We typically collect another $25-40/mo for house expenses (cleaning supplies, bum-tissue, etc.etc.)
- You'll need to find a place to park. If you're brave and crafty, you can park free at any meter after 6PM and before 7 AM. Otherwise, most local lots charge around $100/mo for parking.

Reasons to live here:

- Cheap. At $300/mo, you get a 12' x 15' room in a 2100 square foot loft, shared with three others, as well as use of the common space.
- No lease. We ask that you give us 30 days notice if you want to leave, but no lease and no damage deposit.
- Convenient. You can walk to nearly anything downtown. Rencen in 4 minutes. Anything in Greektown in less than 2 minutes. Woodward/Grand Circus in less than 5 minutes.
- Unique. Loft living affords you all kinds of options. Like building things? Being creative? Need to be loud a couple nights a week? This is the place for you.
- $2 slices at Nikis at 1:50 AM on a weeknight. How can you not love that?!

Is this something anyone here is interested in? I can arrange a tour for you any night this week to look at the place and meet your future roommates.
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